Refunds Policy

Need to refunds your money?


➽ How soon will I receive my refund?

Refund can be processed in case of return or cancellation. For your convenience, we offer different refund options for you to choose from, based on your payment method at the time of purchase.

We will update you via email and SMS once your refund has been initiated. You will be able to see the credited amount on your statement as listed in the table below for each of the refund channels.

If your refund does not arrive after the next 1 months’ statements, please contact your issuing bank or party directly for support.

➽ Does Panvago refund shipping fees?

The shipping fee is refunded depending on the reason for the return or cancellation.

In the following cases the shipping fee will be refunded:

➽ How much will I be refunded if I used a voucher to make my purchase?

You will be refunded your paid price if you cancel/return your item. If you used a voucher in your initial purchase then you will get a refund of the item price minus the voucher value.

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