Best Walk The Dog Lures For Bass

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Walk The Dog Lures

By far the most popular walk-the-dog lure is the Zara Spook. Spooks are cigar shaped, hard plastic top water lures. They come in a variety of colors and sizes and you should do your best to match both with the local baitfish. Colors that mimic bluegill and shad tend to be the most popular.

Walk-the-dog lures zigzag on the retrieve, but the action is created by the angler manipulating the line. The action is called “walking the dog”. To do so, hold the rod tip at an angle down toward the water and jerk the line using just the action from your wrist. Slowly reel in slack as it works closer back to you. The lure will zigzag left to right with each jerk, mimicking an injured fish

Let the lure sit for several seconds after the cast. Wait for ripples and any disturbance to subside before you start applying the action. Be sure to pause occasionally, this will trigger a ton of strikes, and typically this is the time that bigger bass will bite.

In addition to pausing try to eradicate the action so that it is not the same exact motion for the entire retrieve. Make the lure zig and zag more and less aggressively at times. Put yourself in the shoes of a injured baitfish in a panic. Another excellent walk-the-dog lure is the Gunfish.

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